Musical Free Style Riding:
3 - 5 minutes Riding elements to music.
Elements to be posted by showtime to include:
Walk, Trot, Sidepass, Haunch turn, back.

Gala Pageantry: Walk/Trot Class. 
The attire is formal ball-gown or tuxedo to display elegance in the ride.   Judged 50% on presentation and 50% on way of going.

     "Formal Flowing Drappy Dresses"
Class Descriptions:

*PLEASURE CLASSES, Horse is judged
*EQUITATION CLASS, Rider is judged
*SHOWMANSHIP, Handler is judged

Versatility Class: 
In Cart. Walk, Trot, Extended Trot; Grooms enter with 4 minutes to strip cart and harness off horse;  then Horse is shown in Bridle (as a halter horse).

Jog In The Park:
Judged 50% on presentation and 50% on way of going in a walk trot class. Riding skirts (encouraged) permitted for women as part of the attire. Tailored & Stately attire to include Hats & Gloves. The daytime attire may be period clothing or modern. NOT formals/gowns. Horse tack can be either Western or English. Sidesaddle is acceptable. [Daytime Class]. 
Evening type gowns & other types of costumes to be penalized for entering. 
Here are: "Jog In The Park" examples for attire:

Dressage Suitability: 
This is a ridden class. Horses and riders enter the ring together and are asked to walk, trot. Judged on suitability to be a dressage horse. Tack and attire as for dressage tests. Requires a SNAFFLE BIT. No twisted or wire bits. No Shank bits.
The horse is evaluated by the judge in terms of its conformation and movement as a dressage horse. Generally, a nice dressage bridle is most appropriate. Walked and trotted at the judges' discretion. In very general terms, a dressage judge is going to look for a horse with balance, clean legs, deep girth and plenty of impulsion from the hindquarters. The horse needs to travel straight with good elasticity of gait.

Liberty Class:
Exhibitor provides music. Two persons/handlers in the arena to help direct the horse to use the whole arena. Halter is removed. Horse is turned loose at start of music for 1 1/2 minutes in the arena so the judge can view the horse moving in different gaits both directions of the arena. Animation and playfulness is also observed. When music is stopped exhibitor has up to 1 1/2 minutes to catch the horse. The person who released the horse must catch the horse. Disqualification if second handler touches the horse or horse is not caught before time runs out.

Ideal Gypsy Horse:
Under saddle class; Walk,Trot,Canter. Grooms enter with 2 minutes to strip tack and tidy horse. Horse shown in bridle (as a halter horse). 

Discipline Rail: The judge asks for walk, trot, halt, back, reverse, etc. Being a rail class, everyone does the same thing at the same time. There is no individual work.

Color Classes: Judged on color/patterning along with conformation being considered. In hand class is at a walk. Solid Classes and Broken Color classes may be added independently to a show.
Jog In The Park