123 Drum Stallions 2yr and under   
124 Drum Stallions 3yr and over
125 Champion & Reserve Drum Stallions 

105 Drum Mares 2yr and under   
106 Drum Mares 3yr and over
107 Champion & Reserve Drum Mares

116 Drum Geldings All Ages
117 Champion & Reserve Drum Geldings  

128 Drum Supreme Champion Class

132 Drum Color Class
270 Drum Western riding, W/T
273 Drum Western riding, W/T/L

142 Drum English riding,  W/T
144 Drum English riding, W/T/C

146 Drum Dressage suitability 

135 Drum Driving Single

269 Drum Carts In The Park, 
      Driven in Sunday best.
  Carts, Wagonettes; Marathon Carts           
250 Drum In Hand trail, Obstacle 
257 Drum Ridden trail,  Obstacle  

148 Drum Jog In The Park, Ridden
286 Drum Gala Pageantry, Elaborate Formal
ball gowns & tuxedo attire

265 Drum Liberty Class (to music)

284 Drum Horse Leadline:
 Youth under 8yrs

The "who's who" for


119 Gypsy Horse Weanling and Yearling Colts
120 Gypsy Horse Stallions 2 - 4 year old 
121 Gypsy Horse Stallions 5 years and older     
122 Gypsy Horse Champion & Reserve Stallion

112 Gypsy Horse Yearling Geldings  
113 Gypsy Horse Geldings 2-4 Years Old         114 Gypsy Horse Geldings 5 years and older 
115 Gypsy Horse Champion & Reserve      

101 Gypsy Horse Weanling and Yearling Fillies 102 Gypsy Horse Mares 2-4 Years 
103 Gypsy Horse Mares 5 years and older     
104 Gypsy Horse Champion & Reserve Mare 

127 Gypsy Horse Supreme Champion

130 Gypsy Horse Solid Color - all ages/sexes 
129 Gypsy Horse Broken Color - all ages/sexes    
131 Gypsy Horse American Bred

258 Gypsy Horse Ridden Trail Obstacle 
251 Gypsy Horse In-Hand Trail Obstacle  

Gypsy Horse YOUTH: 
133 Gypsy Horse Youth Halter mare or gelding
255 Gypsy Horse Youth, In-Hand Trail Obstacle
282 Gypsy Horse Youth Rider, 
      over 8yr to 17yr olds,  E/W W/T  
280 Gypsy Horse Leadline, 
      Youth 8yrs and under 

141 Gypsy Horse Dressage Suitability
137 Gypsy Horse English Pleasure W/T
139 Gypsy Horse English Pleasure W/T/C

272 Gypsy Horse Western, Walk/Trot
274 Gypsy Horse Western, Walk/Trot /Lope

DRIVING: All style vehicles
134 Gypsy Horse, Single Horse Driving. 
268 Gypsy Horse Carts in the Park,
Driven in Sunday Best 
Carts, Wagonettes, Marathon Carts

136 Gypsy Horse Jog in the Park, Walk/Trot
290 Gypsy Gala Pageantry, Elaborate Formal 
       ball gowns & tuxedo attire
264 Gypsy Horse Liberty to music
277 Gypsy Horse, Free Style Riding, to Music  
279 Gypsy Horse Discipline Rail  
263 Gypsy Horse Showmanship
281 Gypsy Horse Ideal, Western 
147 Gypsy Horse Ideal, English
140 Gypsy Horse Green Horse 
       W/T English & Western

Gypsy Horse AMATEUR to show: 
133A Gypsy Horse Amateur Halter,        
         Mare or Gelding
143 Gypsy Horse Amateur W/T English
145 Gypsy Horse Amateur W/T/C English
271 Gypsy Horse Amateur W/T Western
276 Gypsy Horse Amateur W/T/L Western
275 Gypsy Horse Novice W/T E & Western

Gypsy Cross: Mares & Geldings
       *registered with either 
   GHA, GHRA, GCDHA, or Gypsian registry. 
        *No Drum Horses in this class
108 GC Halter, Mares & Geldings 
253 GC In Hand Trail, Mares & Geldings
260 GC Ridden Trail, Mares & Geldings
138 GC English & Western W/T, 
      Mares & Geldings
267 GC Liberty, Mare & Geldings  


126 Draft Registered Stallion 
109 Draft Registered Mare
118 Draft Registered Gelding

252 Draft Registered In Hand Trail
259 Draft Registered Ridden Trail 
283 Draft Registered English & Western  W/T
287 Draft Registered Driving/Cart

Draft Open: Mares & Geldings
Unregistered Clydes, Shires, Creams, Belgians, Suffolk, Percheron

110 Draft Open Halter, 
 Fitting and Showmanship 
254 Draft Open In Hand Trail 
261 Draft Open Ridden Trail 
285 Draft Open English & Western W/T 
289 Draft Open Driving/Cart

Crossbred Draft: Mares & Geldings

111 Draft Cross Halter, Fitting and          Showmanship 
256 Draft Cross In Hand Trail
261 Draft Cross Ridden Trail
278 Draft Cross English & Western W/T 
288 Draft Cross Driving/Cart
266 Draft & Draft Crosses Liberty



List of Classes

Class 258 Gypsy Ridden Trail             Stacy Judd
Class 251 Gypsy In Hand Trail             Stacy Judd
                                                                 Stacy Judd Photography

Class 271 Gypsy Amateur                    Jan Truax
                   W/T Western                        Regal Gypsies

Class 114 Gypsy Horse Geldings         Jennifer Hoyt
Class 115 Gypsy Gelding Champ         Jennifer Hoyt
                                                   JJ Horse & Event Management  

Class 255 Gypsy Youth In Hand Trail    Helen Halderman            
Class 140 Gypsy Horse Green Horse  Helen Halderman
                                                                   VIewcrest Farm

Class 138 Gypsy Crossbred                  Gypsy Cob & Drum Horse                    English & Western W/T                         Association       Class 115 Gypsy Champion Gelding    Gypsy Cob & Drum Horse
Class 117 Drum Champion Gelding      Gypsy Cob & Drum Horse

Class 281 Gypsy Western Ideal           Becky Glover
Class 146 Drum Dressage Suitability   Becky Glover                                                                                     Black Feather Farm
                                                            Home of 2 Time Nat'l CH                                                                              Stallion,"Suede"

Class 277 Gypsy Free Style Riding,   Jennifer Gregston
Class 272 Gypsy  Western W/T,          Jennifer Gregston
Class 258 Gypsy  Ridden Trail,           Jennifer Gregston
Class 251 Gypsy  In Hand Trail,          Jennifer Gregston

Class 116 Drum Geldings all ages,     Linda Wood
Class 270 Drum Western Riding W/T, Linda Wood 
Class 148  Drum Jog In The Park,       Linda Wood

Class 136 Gypsy Jog In The Park,     Linda Dennis - 
                                                         North Star Gypsy
Class 279 Gypsy Discipline Rail,       Linda Dennis - 
                                                         North Star Gypsy

Class 134 Gypsy Horse Driving,          Carol McIntosh
Class 268 Gypsy Trot In The Park,      Carol McIntosh

​Class 136 Gypsy Jog In The Park,      Linda Hancock 
                                                           & Marlan Merrill
                                                           Windspear Farm
Class 290 Gypsy Gala Pageantry,      Linda Hancock 
                                                           & Marlan Merrill
                                                           Windspear Farm

Class 124 Drum Stallion 3 yrs & up,   Brian Harris Used Cars
                                                            Guillermo Peralta, Manager
Class 128 Drum Supreme Class,       Brian Harris Used Cars
                                                           Guillermo Peralta, Manager
Class 132 Drum Color Class,             Brian Harris Used Cars

Class 103 Gypsy Mares 5 yrs & up,   Victoria Bailey
                                                                Blackwood Gypsy Horses
​Class 102 Gypsy Mares 2 to 4 yr,       Victoria Bailey
                                                                Blackwood Gypsy Horses
Class 264 Gypsy Liberty,                     Victoria Bailey
                                                                Blackwood Gypsy Horses

Class 134 Gypsy Driving                     Char Cornett
                                                                Dragonfly Gypsies
Class 268 Gypsy Trot In Park              Char Cornett
                                                                Dragonfly Gypsies

​Class 127 Gypsy Supreme CH           Yakima CO-OP

Class 274 Gypsy Western W/T/C        Especially Western
​                                                                 Union Gap, WA

Class 251 Gypsy In Hand Trail             Les Schwab Tire
                                                                 Jeff Ratzesberger, Manager

Class 133 Gypsy Youth In Hand           Wenas Feeds, Selah WA   

Class 132 Drum Color                           Pat Dart
                                                               Acme Canine Center, 
                                                               Union Gap, Washington

Class 271 Gypsy Amateur Western     George Michel
                                                              Midee Stitch, Yakima, W
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