Mt Hood Show
Entry Forms
DRUM HORSE entry form
GYPSY HORSE entry form
For those who fancy a friendly competiton and like to take chances, consider the Stakes Classes for Gypsy & Drum Horses included on the entry form:
A Halter Class where all the exhibitors entry fees go in the pot.
Placings will be to 1st; 2nd, 3rd only.
60% of the pot will go to the 1st place winner.
30% to the 2nd place winner.
10 % to the 3rd place winner.
*Example of winnings:
If ten people enter, there would be $500 in the pot to be divided.

This class will be juried by the three judges as a panel. One award to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd placers.

MINIATURE HORSE entry form                
Linda Hancock - Marlan Merrill
Shelli & Jon Scott